Lonicera caprilla® imperial at plandorex.com

CAPRILLA® cream is covered with pink flower buds from the beginning of July, then turning cream and finally yellow before wilting, thus producing a beautiful range of colours. 


This selection of climbing Honeysuckle of our new range CAPRILIA ® derives from the Lonicera periclymenum 'Florida'. It grows in the shape of a column: the young shoots develop by turning their tips inwards towards the plant, thus reducing its volume.

The leaves are mid green and the flowers are scented. Tests by INRA have shown a good resistance to black spot and it is not too affected by oïdium or greenfly.

Due to its natural column shape growth, upkeep is reduced. Cut back for a well balanced plant.

Hauteur :             2.00m to 2.50m
Growth:              Quick
Exposition:          Sun to partial shade

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