Acer Hana Matoi® at Plandorex.comHana Matoi is the first variegated Japanese Maple with lace type leaves having excellent form.


Acer Hana Matoi® Plandorex.comAs a kaleidoscope, this Maple produces finely dissected leaves with lovely creamy white, pink and red variegations followed by occasional streaks of dark green.

This fantastic colour show is particularly highlighted on young green branches. The mature leaves vary from bronze to deep purple and offer a good contrast with the new variegated shoots of summer. Autumn colour is brilliant orange red. In Winter the branches are striped with yellow.

A deciduous tree with an average development and compact habit. Graceful branches ensure a mounding form.

Height :               2.00m to 2.50m
Growth:              Average
Location:            Partial shade

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