Daphnee odora MARIANNI® at Plandorex.com

The evergreen foliage of MARIANNI ® is very widely edged in light yellow, more intensely than others traditional variety.


Daphnee odora MARIANNI®at plandorex.com The shrub attracts attention by the luminosity of its variegation, in contrast to its dark green shade. Its shape is rounded and bushy, its growth rate medium.

In February and March bouquets of small very perfumed flowers appear on the extremities of the branches; they are purple pink on the outside of the petals, light pink on the inside. The flowering period is long. It can be planted in normal lime free soil, in preference cool and acid. No pruning is necessary.

Height :            1.20m to 1.50m
Growth:            Average
Location:          Shade / Partial shade

Daphnee odora MARIANNI® at plandorex.comDaphnee odora MARIANNI® at plandorex.com



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