hydrangea pan Dentelle de Gorron® at plandorex.comThis Hydrangea is remarkable for the abundance and lightness of its inflorescences, first white with green tones, then cream coloured. 


Each panicle, 30 to 35cm long, is made up of a multitude of simple small and sterile flowers. These have thin petals and are carried by a long pedicel. They give the ensemble a nice feathery look, reminding of lace. The fertile flowers stay limited in number.
This new variety of Hydrangea paniculata was also selected for its early flowering, by the end of June. The shrub has a round, compact and branched shape, and its development stays moderate.

Height:              2.00m to 2.50m
Growth:              Quick

Location:           Sun or partial Shade

hydrangea pan dentelle de gorron® at plandorex.com


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