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I NDIYA CHARMS ® range of Lagerstroemia varieties are remarkable for the precocity and quality of their flowering, more suited for mild summers.

Fruit of a long selection, they have been chosen for their resistance to low temperatures (hardy to -15°C when fully grown) and to powdery mildew. Fresh soil, acid and slightly chalky. Sunny exposure. Resistance : -15°C.

Camaieu d'été®
The earliest of this collection's selections offers a flowering of nice white to pale lilac tones, and presents a small size and a compact shape.

Find below the entire collection :
Violet d'été®
Fuchsia d'été®
Braise d'été®

Height :             2.00m to 2.50m
Location:           Full Sun

Lagerstroemia Camaieu d'été® indycam

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