Lonicera CHIC&CHOC Inov205 at plandorex.comThis new honeysuckle has a surprising shape that stays small and compact. 


In June, the plant becomes covered with very
Lonicera Chic&choc at plandorex.comsophisticated inflorescences. The crimson to dark pink tones of the buds is harmoniously emphasized by the pinkish white and then orangey yellow colours of the blossomed tubular flowers. This delicately scented selection is very floriferous and extends its flowering in good conditions.

The opposite leaves are bluish green and have purple brown petioles. The shrub is semi-evergreen to evergreen, under temperate conditions.

Height :                0.60m to 1.00m
Growth:                 Quick
Location:              Sun to partial shade

Lonicera Chic&choc at plandorex.comLonicera Chic&choc at plandorex.comLonicera Chic&choc at plandorex.com


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